Different Ways of Making Levels for your Games! | Game Quest

The first episode of Game Quest is finally here! Let’s talk Level Design, generation of levels, procedural generation, and more!

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41 thoughts on “Different Ways of Making Levels for your Games! | Game Quest

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  2. could u do a video on open worlds for mmos or single player rpgs? I revived my old mmo project which we're building up the team for now and I'd like ur opinion on techniques, optimization, tricks for level design etc 😀

  3. Working on several games right now (like any good developer, they're all 99% done). A horror game takes place in a city so the city is manually designed. There are "city generators" out there but combining that with a questing storyline is more work than I wanted to do so the city is static. Two survival games I'm building (one post-apocalypse and the other a desert island) are procedural generated (using two different methods as one is an island and the other is a wrapping world). Finally I have a roguelike that's generated because well, roguelike. Even with the static world in the horror game, pickups, enemies, and situations are generated by code so it's not completely static and repetitive to the player.

  4. I'm experimenting now with a 50/50% mix of the concepts you are talking about, I'm randomly adding background sections as big blocks that fit together. Sugarfox Blitz was the first mobile game I made but I found the gameplay felt repetitive once the players memorized the maps. So hopefully I can do this for the next release. Thanks for the video!

  5. I'm thinking about developing a random Level generation and a to incorporate some Hand design. I intend to give the players extra playtime, but I still want this game to make sense. Therefore I'll use an genetic algorithm, with an antropy, so there is a chance to mutate and a chance for the player to give input into the game if the level was any good. There might be a chance the system gets extremly borged because someone is fooling around.

  6. hollow knight is a metroidvania, but dead cells isn't. it's a roguelike.
    metroidvania can't have random generated levels because metroidvanias work completely different. you have a static world map that does not change, even when dying. but you can't reach every spot because you're missing skills. it bugs me that you're constantly saying they are metroidvanias when they are in fact the exact opposite, roguelikes.

  7. The definition of a metroidvania is wrong in this video. A "metroidvania" means that the game is an open-world platformer that allows you to freely visit all locations right from the outset, but there are certain areas you can only unlock or reach once you've acquired specific abilities. Such a game needs to be designed around those specific abilities and their use instead of a linear game and level design, which requires a completely different mindset.

  8. A LOT of devs need to learn things like this. and learn about new game mechanics, instead of just making cookie cutter games the same way they have been made. ( Didn't actually watch the vid myself, because I am a game design genius) Dymanic/ randomly generated / procedurally generated stuff helps a lot.

  9. What is best way to sttart making small games? If im absolutly new to Unity? Can someone recomend me something? (Videos, tutorials, anything)

  10. How do you go about creating a 2.5d game? Aka a 2d platformer with 3d models?
    I'm using unity and creating the level and collision is hard because polygon collider doesn't work for models.

  11. OR instead of buying assets, have some custom assets made by a starting artist! Most will do it for free and you will be amazed by the quality some times. I teach 3D modeling and have sent students to your Discord 😉

  12. I use MapMagic to generate a base level and then lock it and add the locations that I want to be static. This gives me an endless variety of natural area between cities and villages.

  13. Great video! I have a question: I had been a programer for several years and started to create games for a hobby for few years. Usually, I prefer program my own algorithm rather then use something ready. It this can be considered a addict from regular programers who have dificult to change our mindset? It this a good or a bad thing? I'd like knowing your thoughts.

  14. Can I Generate Procedural Map For My FPS Game If I Have Very Less Time For Map Generation And If Yes Which Tool Or Asset Should I Use

  15. Amazing and extremely informative video Skyoo! These are some of my favourite types of videos created within the game dev community, looking forward to seeing how the Game Quest series develops 😀

  16. Woah you are the first from whom i have heard about Mark Brown. He is an amazing person and i love his analysis of games.

  17. Dead Cells isn't a Metroid Vania. And it's really hard to make a competitive level with procedural generation. That's why they don't use it.

  18. I'm really liking this kind of videos! The series is promising and very chill :). It's just good to watch and listen to.

  19. I'm so happy you made this series, Sam. I'm a pretty strong programmer myself with aspirations toward game development, but I suck ass at level design. This gotta be good, my man!

  20. I'm actually building a map generator for my simulation game. My main reason is I want players to use the system to make their own maps, so that they can play it and share it with other players.

  21. Hey does everyone agree with me when I say there needs to be more split screen action in games today I know people don't like waiting for other people to die in a game it could take hours before they give up the controller to you but what if there were more split screen games like a 4 player shooter game I have a example of one that I loved to play alot along time ago and I know you guys may know this game for Xbox HALO 2 with That old 4player campaign & Deathmatch but add something like that to ps4 any type of game like Assassin's Creed 4 players split screen go on different missions together……..

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