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OMG HE IS SO HAWT!! //// REAL Yandere Sim Visual novel
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Welcome to Burning love a REAL Yandere Simulator Visual novel that was worked on by Yandere Dev and some other talented people that was originaly suppossed to be an april fools prank video but was not released in time.

In yandere simulator you are able to go into the demon world by killing someone with the ritual knife and inserting it back into the skull. After you do this you are able to make pacts with the 3 demons in the demon world.

This game is about the flame demon and gives some cool details on that. I am not sure if they are officially apart of the Yandere Simulator story but i would be willing to bet that it is real since the developer had taken part of the games making.

I would love to see more games from these people!


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26 thoughts on “DATING THE FLAME DEMON!? – Yandere Simulator Visual Novel | BURNING LOVE

  1. If a human becomes a demon through communing with another demon, then how did the first ever demon get made? 👀 (I know the answer is Satan, creator of demons, but he never said it… 😛)

  2. 3:30
    Me: SAY "YOU'RE HOT."
    Then I preceded to laugh and do kick boxing in bed.
    I quit literally passed out for a hot second. Bruh.

    This honestly unnerved me, very awkward. U know, it's like having second hand cringe. And in my opinion, that is a lot worse than anything.

    This should be a series.
    I enjoyed myself.

  3. 10:00 hmm discards there humanty remindes me somting ''jojo i reject my humanty'' (DIOOOOOOOOO BOOOORANDOOOOOOOOOO SAMA)

  4. The Flame Demon is cute… I'm sure he blushed a bit… 😊 14:55 *immediately fangirls* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh~~!!! Socutesocutesocute!!!!

  5. I wonder if the backstory of the Flame Demon is true or not? 🤔

    Also I wanted to know the backstory of Pain and Lust 😠

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