Concept Artist for Video Games

A concept artist creates a visual representation of an idea for the video game.
Their tasks vary, it really depends on which production phase they are in and what needs to be desinged.
Concept artists draw or paint characters, graphics, environments, weapons vehicles or anything that needs some visuall development.

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7 thoughts on “Concept Artist for Video Games

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  2. I'm starting art college this Fall and I'm wondering if I should take an illustration class or a game art development class. Any advice on which one would be more valuable for a career I want as a concept artist?

  3. Hi there, i want to put a step in this field, but so much things confuse. These day concept artist need to know 3d modelling, is that mean concept artist also have the ability to handle the 3d modelling jobs too? Or 3d modelling is a part of job of a concept Artist? Thx.

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