Classic Game Room – NASCAR UNLEASHED review

Nascar Unleashed review. Classic Game Room reviews NASCAR UNLEASHED for Xbox 360 from Firebrand Games and Activision. This NASCAR meets Wipeout HD racing game has players driving through fictional courses based on real world NASCAR tracks and smashing other cars for points, jumping and destroying obstacles. CGR Nascar Unleashed video review gameplay shows Nascar action game racing game play with famous NASCAR drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Denny Hamlin (FED EX #11!, just like my PlaySeat!) Wild tracks, co-op gameplay and smooth action make NASCAR Unleashed a fun family friendly arcade racing game for racing fans of all experience levels.


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44 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – NASCAR UNLEASHED review

  1. is it just me or are some of the sub genres of racing games dead? like street racing, destructive racing and kart racing. i honestly miss games like flatout and nfs underground. one of the biggest reasons i bought a wii u was for mario kart 8 and it's admittedly one the most fun games i've played in a long time. the only racing games i see nowadays are usually simulations, which i don't care for much because i personally find them boring

  2. i knew the cars would be cartoony, but i did not expect fat exhausts, hats and new spoilers[look closely at the car at 4;17 to see what i am talking about].

  3. The AI in this game cheat. I have the 3Ds version and no matter what, the AI will ALWAYS land right-side-up on all four wheels defying the laws of physics while you tumble and flip over.

  4. 1:55
    C.G.R – "Heads-up dude, I've figured up how to turn out the announcer

  5. Well this for sure is Nascar Rumble 2, intro is almost the same there is a wanna-be-as-funny-as-Nascar-Rumble-commentator but Nascar Ruble is the best for me

  6. I think NTG 2011 was better, 'cause that one was actually NASCAR. This almost looks like a NASCAR game trying to be a Hot Wheels Racing game, but that's much better than EA's Mario Kart spin-off of NASCAR.

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