Classic Game Room – APPLESEED review for Super Famicom

Appleseed Super Famicom review.
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Classic Game Room reviews APPLESEED for Super Famicom released in 1994, a terrible side scrolling action game based on the Masamune Shirow manga series, Appleseed! Play as Deunan or Briarios and shoot bad guys, fight robots and hate life as you slog through this terrible licensed game with sub par gameplay and ear stabbing music. Appleseed videogame review features Appleseed Nintendo Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) game play. Appleseed fans should avoid this game and read the manga or watch the anime (most of which is pretty bad too except the most recent film which was ok…)


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48 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – APPLESEED review for Super Famicom

  1. Wow, Mark's a classic man through and through. He doesn't really like to watch the newer anime series, but he's keen on the classics. If i need to know about anything from the 80s or 90s i know where to go.

  2. I never even knew this existed! But… yikes. It looks absolutely dire. Such a shame that Shirow's stories rarely seem to get the kind of respectful treatment they deserve in other media these days.

  3. Thankfully this isn't my first impression of Appleseed XD I have both, and love, the 2 machinima movies. I really want to see the anime and read the manga

  4. I guess that's why all gamers including CGR hate small game companies from Japan that are small, obscure, and are not famous at all- because they always make bad games.  I wish it were the opposite, because I'm not a fan of the famous companies from Japan that actually make good games.

  5. Wow, seeing Mark completely dislike a game is so rare, he normally finds at least one redeeming factor. This game must be atrocious.

  6. Appleseed on the SNES is the worst game I've ever played, it makes Lethal Weapon look like Super Probotector.

  7. That's why I preach for almost or over a year now: Mark, play some Macross Scramble Valkyrie on the Super Famicom, because YOU won't regret it. If there was a game made for you, this is it!

  8. The movie was pretty good, never saw the second one. And ya now im looking for the manga, its hopefully gunna kick ass.

  9. Try and find and read the manga. The 3D movie looked kind of good, at least the landmates did. But the manga is much deeper and darker (despite it having some fanservice and funny moments). The bioroid problem in the film is an easy "racism problem", in the manga is something much more complicated… won't spoil it for you. The problem with the second CG movie, Ex Machina was that it tried to do some things that work on GITS but aren't Appleseed stuff, and was also too naive and FFy, not iffy.

  10. Only thing i know about appleseed is the 3D movie i saw a few years ago. Loved it but never looked into other adaptations or its origins. I thought it was a standalone movie.

  11. You know a game is ass when Mark can't find anything good to say. Reminds me of the Robocop arcade game,

  12. Thanks Mark! Thank you for emulating how I felt with this game and showing the boss battle that I would never see due to myself rage quitting. This reminded me sort of a unfinished Robocop Vs Terminator, now that was a good game.

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