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I am now selling these. You can purchase just the wooden head for $25 plus shipping and purchase the poles locally or I can mail you the whole set as seen in this video for $90. Those prices include my shipping costs. Contact me at if you are interested.

I now can make a cheaper set of poles as seen in this video:

I can send you the whole set (with the PVC poles) for $45. That includes shipping via Priority Mail. If you are interested email me at

If you only want the wooden head, you will need to purchase these items locally:
16′ 3 section telescopic pole. We found them at Home Depot – Item #761475962766
It can also be found on Amazon. Search for: Unger Professional Connect & Clean Telescopic Pole, 16′
You will also need: 3X8″ wooden dowel rod. Found this at Home Depot – Item #038453065062 This is the pivot rod. 3X8″ Rubber screw protector. Found this at Home Depot – Item #887480128185 This goes on the end of the pivot rod so that it does not slip around on the floor.
You will also need the handle from a broom or mop – the kind that screws in. We found a cheap broom at Walmart or Dollar Tree that works just fine. This is the rod that pushes and holds down the wooden head that guides the tape. Instructions for use can be found on the link found on the label on the wooden head.


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  1. Kelvin Gunnells, congratulations by the work developed. I develop a Social Project with children. Do you have drawing or explain how to build? You can directly send me an e-mail through the address: Thank you in advance for your attention.

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