Championship Motocross | Featuring Ricky Carmichael

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Championship Motocross

“Hi my name is David and this is the first video of a series about the Motocross retrogaming.I hope that my english it’s 100% correct..BTW i’ve played so many mx game on the psx but once i receive championship motocross for Christmas my life change forever. This game it’s a blast,100% realistic, finally a game where you need to balance the bike in the air for a perfect landing great controls/sound and the mud cover your bike,so awesome! There are other features like different types of tracks (SX,MX and ENDURO) and a good bike customization.I still play this game and i enjoy it everytime

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26 thoughts on “Championship Motocross | Featuring Ricky Carmichael

  1. Grinspoon playing the intro I forgot about that . It's wild !
    And one minute silence 1845 .oh yeah !

  2. Holy fuck this was my whole childhood
    This is how I was introduced to "Godsmack" I fuckin love moon baby

  3. I had this game but never knew its name or saw the cover I guess my dad just put it on for me glad I remembered I was 4 yrs old when I played it

  4. great classic, as a kid always wanted to unblock more motos like the blue one that always seemed the fastest . But i think the game only have 3 type of moto

  5. hi, please can you tell me the name of the song of the main menu?? is in the options menu!! please and thanks!!

  6. I freakin loved this game! I remember playin this for hours without getting bored. It was this game, the jeremy mcgrath game, and ea supercross that I played all the time.

  7. Man I remember playing this game for hours when I was a kid! I remember there was a cheat code you could put in that would give your bike huge tires.

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