CGR Undertow – RAY'S SNES/N64 GAME CASES Video Game Accessory Review

Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video game accessory review of Ray’s converted 8-trak case into a SNES/N64 carrying case. As Ray grew up and became more and more addicted to video games, he of course needed to buy more of them to satiate his hunger for 8, 16, and then 64 bit graphics. This left less money for things like accessories to store his games because most of them only held eight or ten at a time and took up too much space to be really worthwhile. One day though, his step-dad was cleaning out the basement and came across an old 8-trak cassette case holder. With curiosity, he approached the leather case with red felt insides and quickly realized that the spaces inside were perfect for holding many of his SNES games that were just lying around. This video game accessory review features commentary from CGR Undertow reviewer Ray.


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37 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – RAY'S SNES/N64 GAME CASES Video Game Accessory Review

  1. Im trying to find something to store my Gamecube discs in out of their cases. All I can find are the bigger CD cases which they just slip out of. Any ideas how I could store them?

  2. I hate how people always say bad stuff about old video games and consoles. I'd much rather have an odyssey or snes (just to name a couple) than a ps3 or xbox360 anyday. Why don't they bring back games how they used to be. Thumbs up if you agree with me.

  3. wow amaing you took your dads case took out his 8track tapes and stock it u[p with old boring games why dont you just play cod or halo like other people LOL

  4. i have lots of 8 track cases …. problem is their full of 8 tracks and i still listen to them.

  5. Problem is these are tough to find…. Great idea but if you go online people want top dollar for them….

  6. It is also cool that Genesis games fit in cassete tape cases aswell! My brother haves some 5 cases for his games.

  7. @LargeRedRizla LOL mine too – all my boxes are a thing of the past (the past 2 gens with DVD cases have been kinder to game collection than the old cardboard boxes.

  8. man i had the same concept on my find of an a trac case. some lady was throwing hers away and i asked her if i can have it. Turns out it worked perfectly for my snes games which i got a ton of. As for my nintendo 64 games i actually used a cassette case as well. turns out you were right another mans trash is another mans treasure.

    By the way is there a hdtv that you can hook up your snes to and play on? that seems to be my problem these days

  9. Does CGR produce their own background music? If so, I'm sure they could make a shed load of money if they introduced their stuff to porn directors. XD

    Anyway, good stuff Ray. I love how passionate you were in this video. =]

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