Burger Queen/ Funny Cooking Game/ Pancakes House/ levels from 1 to 30

And Today lets see, what’s inside this cooking game. Love graphics and music. Enjoy!!!

If you have always wanted to become a chef, try Burger Queen!
This exciting restaurant game for girls and boys allows players to get their own cafe and immerse into the cooking craze.
Cook delicious food, improve your kitchen, decorate the diner and earn money. You will catch a cooking the moment you enter this crazy game.

Dash from one customer to another while cooking food. Serving fast food has never been funnier! Cook what you want: hamburger, pancakes, hot dogs and many other recipes are available.
Do not miss your chance to try one of the most exciting cooking games on the market!

Nguồn: https://top100vn.com/

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12 thoughts on “Burger Queen/ Funny Cooking Game/ Pancakes House/ levels from 1 to 30

  1. This is funny and very nice. I love pancakes. My favourites are strawberries and whipped cream also lemon and sugar. Yummy! Great job dear friend 😍💖

  2. You're always finding such fun games to play. I like all the new characters, the lady with the dog cracks me up lol.
    I really want pancakes now, they all looked so delicious. 😀

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