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41 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL GIRLS – SEAN KINGSTON (Lyrics)

  1. we all know this song is about simping but it’s acceptable since it’s a nice song

  2. I'm telling my future kids about this song, cause I grew up with it and it always makes me happy and proud to be me.

  3. my dad introduced me to this song when i was like 4 when he was in my life🥺 i still listen to it he’s the reason i’m strong…

  4. I work in a hospital, the other day walking to clock in for nightshift I heard all the ladies in dietary having this just BLASTING. Been stuck in my head ever since, brought back a ton of memories.

  5. I oddly only remember this in 07 cause I was in a car trip with my family and my cousin kept singing the suicidal part and mumbled the rest.

  6. Idk but you guys but this song is literally used for every filipino pageants…its not a filipino pageant without this song

    Where my filipinos at?🙌🙌

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