Basic Search View in Android Studio Tutorial

How to get started to learn how to make the basic search view with listview in android studio tutorial by using xml and java from the scratch. You will also learn how to use the strings as data store.

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33 thoughts on “Basic Search View in Android Studio Tutorial

  1. Most excellent work sir. Finally a search tutorial that works, and you did a good job explaining each step. Thank you.

  2. How to open other activity when some item is clicked? I tried OnClick listner method from other tutorial but app keep crashing ,can you help?

  3. ANOTHER WAY: For those whose currentActivity doesn't show a List but want to have the searchView "above" the currentActivity instead of going to another activity for showing the results, I came up with an easy solution (I'm also using Firebase): just create a RecyclerView in that activity with Visibility = GONE, when a search term or letter is entered, just load the database on the RecyclerView and use a filter (Using Filterable) for showing suggestions.
    When SearchView losses focus, set visibility of RecyclerView to GONE again and that's all.

  4. Could you please reply me with the activity cycle or the working of this method as I wanted to display "no Results Found" Text to the user?

  5. searchnya itu berdasar string item yang di cari ya? ya kalo gitu yang bisa dicari cuma string itu aja, bukan berdasar sebuah sistim database misalnya? atau sistim lain

  6. Hi. For me, the method onQueryTextListener doesn't work.
    The application stops when I run
    Have you an idea where could come the problem ?

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