Avast Secureline VPN Review – Good or Not?

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19 thoughts on “Avast Secureline VPN Review – Good or Not?

  1. I want know if the avast secureline VPN can make my facebook ads accounts amorde of blocks.

  2. Avast VPN is BS mate, works alright for about a month, they take your review after 2 weeks you start using, then its slow. So slow that you get error Site Cannot Be Reached. Never buying it again.

  3. DON’T USE AVAST!! LEAKED DOCUMENTS REVEAL THEY’VE BEEN STEALING YOUR BROWSER DATA AND SELLING OFF TO LARGE CORPORATIONS. Don’t be one of those fools that say “I’ve got nothing to hide”…. you gonna let them rape you too?

  4. I've been using the free version for years and when it expired they offered me a deal for 5 devices for 39.99 annually, so there are deals available. Also keep in mind that this price includes all their virus protection and malware protection functionality.

  5. Hi in Amazon India it sells for 699 rs or about 10 dollars for 5 devices for a year , so is it a good option for me ?

  6. I've got this prime works fine with me. It is quite simplistic in it's interface but that's a plus for a lot of people, also works really well on the phone

  7. okay Dude then which one is the best Vpn in your personal using life Experience .

  8. I have it and I'm wondering can you hook the VPN to a PS4 if you can can you do it tutorial to hook avast

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