Advanced Gamemode Changer

Setup scoreboard:
/scoreboard objectives add mode dummy

Base Mechanic:
/scoreboard players remove @a[score_mode_min=1,m=!1] mode 1

/scoreboard players add @a[488,88,-42,dx=70,dy=50,dz=50,score_mode=2,m=!1] mode 2

/gamemode 2 @a[score_mode_min=2,score_mode=2,m=!1]

/gamemode 3 @a[score_mode_min=6,score_mode=6,m=!1]

/gamemode 0 @a[score_mode_min=1,score_mode=1,m=!1]

Area select: (remember to change co-ordinates)
/scoreboard players add @a[-19,26,-28,dx=4,dy=4,dz=14,score_mode=6,m=!1] mode 6

/scoreboard players add @a[585,78,-97,dx=25,dy=26,dz=15,score_mode=2,m=!1] mode 2


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30 thoughts on “Advanced Gamemode Changer

  1. Dragnoz. You better add a command block wich sets the score of anyone higher than 10 to 10. Otherwise I am pretty sure someone will afk there, get their score to 10392833718492734 and then stay on the same gamemode for a while…

  2. dragnoz i have a much simpler way of doing it. just have a repeater or hopper clock(NOT A FILL CLOCK) changing your mode score to 0. then a fill clock make it test to see if your mode score is 1 and if it is change you to creative. to determine where you will be in creative just have command blocks running on fill clocks saying /scoreboard players set @a[r=5] mode 1. please consider my idea. 😀 Also Thanks For Helping me out so now i can make the map i have been trying to make!

  3. There was something I was hoping to find in this video but remains unclear, can I tesfor someone in a minimum and maximum range? Such as testing for someone that is between 5 and 10 blocks away from the command block, but any more or less and the command block does not give an output.

  4. Hey, Dragnoz! Can you make a video tutorial for these effects?:
    Transfer player inventory into a large chest – copying the inventory exactly, including armors. (the bottom line takes the 4th line, the armor takes the 5th line).
    A bow which sets you on fire every time you fire an arrow.

  5. Dragnoz man, where'd you go! looking forward to seeing some more redstone!!! in about a week an interesting series will be going up on this channel and your basically the inspiration for it!!! please come back!!

  6. dear Dragnoz, I recentley started studying commands and now i'm pretty darn good at them i've been messing with execute commands and entitydata commands a lot latley, but sadly i can't seem to use entitydata on a item.tile, i want to make it ever mob in a 2 block radios of a ink sac so i can make your Dog Fightning bats 😀 sadly you didn't really show us that part

  7. Hey dragnoz what video program do you use? Because I want to be a good video recording program for mac?

  8. Could someone answer this? Is it possible to change a block type into another? Like turning grass into stone?

  9. I usually just use "execute" with "detect" testing if I'm stepping on a particular block but this is more specified.

  10. Drag what happened to your Rogue shadows and Wow maps? Please reply i was so exited for rogue shadows mainley

  11. Nice use of the scoreboard to change the gamemode, thanks!
    This seems easier to manage than an extra block with [rm=] or an inverted [dx,dy,dz] for each area

    Your explanation on setting the scoreboard was a bit confusing though, why do you keep adding the score instead of using '/scoreboard players set' ?
    Saying it was 6, then 5, then 11 seemed confusing and could've been simplified with the set command. and just setting it to 6 each cycle right?

    Thanks though, i hadn't thought of using the scoreboard for this

  12. Dragnoz, can you make a zombie have an inventory and hold a pickaxe and mine coal to diamonds for you and come back with a push of a button cause that would be so cool people would want to see if it is possible Thanx

  13. Can someone help me please?! So im making a map and im trying to count the number of players on a team i have tried /testfor @a[team=CHOSEN_min=4],/testfor @a[team=CHOSEN_4],/testfor @a[CHOSEN=4] so far, please help!

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