4 Ways to Record Internal Audio on Android WITHOUT ROOT

Recording internal audio on android is one of the most commonly wanted feature by all Android users. In this video, i will walk you through 4 different ways you can record your screen with internal audio WITHOUT ROOT and regardless of what phone you have!

Make sure to stick till the end of the video for the ultimate surprise!

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🎥 Method #3 – How To Record Internal Audio on Android WITHOUT ROOT:

🔗 Screen Recorder – No Ads:
🔗 ScreenCam on Play Store:
ScreenCam on F-Droid:

Note: Screencam is confirmed to work without earphones (and with clear audio) if you have a OnePlus phone. You might wanna give it a try first without earphones to see if maybe it works with your phone.


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25 thoughts on “4 Ways to Record Internal Audio on Android WITHOUT ROOT

  1. 🔥 Watch previous NoRootFreedom Episode https://youtu.be/ampEwT7QoNg

    👇 FAQs regarding this video 👇

    Q 1: I'm hearing humming sound when recording

    A: Thats just the background noise being recorded from your mic. To eliminate it, put a tape over your earphone mic and try to be in a quiet environment. You can also increase your volume to full to eliminate it.

    Q 2: Can i livestream with this?

    A: Only with method #3. Once your phone is connected to your pc, connect the audio output to your streaming software so it can be heard by your program (like OBS), then in windows sound settings, enable "Listen to this device" so you can hear whats being played on your phone.

    Q 3: Game Launcher no longer lets you record other apps.

    A: If you've received the latest Android 10 update then you no longer need it. Samsung now has built in Screen recorder that can record internal audio by default.

    If you aren't on android 10 yet, you can download the older version of Mobizen from apk mirror. The version you're looking for is Make sure to turn off auto updates for it in play store.

    Q 4: I can't find Game launcher in my app drawer?

    A: Samsung phones with older samsung versions may not have game launcher. It also varies from model to model. If your Samsung phone doesn't have Game launcher then i'd suggest give Mobizen a try from the previous question. If you're on android 10, you should have a built in screen recorder with internal audio support.

    Q 5: Can i use Bluetooth earphones/headphones?

    A: Yes and No. If your earphones have 1 button that control pairing as well as controls calls/assistant then it won't work because if you hold it for too long, it'll go into pairing mode and then just turn off.

    Have other questions? Leave them below. I'll try to reply as soon as possible. Thanks!

  2. Hi bro , I want to record pubg mobile .I have OPPO f11 pro it is 6 GB ram which app can I use to record which help my game also play smoothly

  3. Wow when he mentioned one only on samsung and immediatly put a time stamp for people who dont have a samsung and he justs gets straight to the point subbed and liked

  4. 0:54
    Sir now it's telling this app isn't a game so some services may not available but do you know whats the name of the game? AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2
    I can't believe it I use Galaxy A50 please help me

  5. I tried the screencam screen recorder but my problem is when I try turning on my mic in game (specifically on Call of Duty: Mobile) it mutes the recording of the sound. I can still hear the sound while recording though, but when I play the recorded video it has no sound. How can I record the in-game sounds, my voice and the voice of I'm playing with simultaneously?

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