3 Xtreme (PS1)

This video was captured using the actual game on an actual Sony Playstation. Loading times have been removed for your consideration and enjoyment. The intro video was also removed due to a would be definite copyright flag.

If you’ve seen my ESPN Extreme Games/1 Xtreme video you know how highly I regard that game. I am also not alone in my opinion that I believe it to be one of the greatest titles to ever grace the Playstation library as it is in my top five most popular videos by far. If you’ve browsed my channel you may have found my video of the second installment known as 2 Xtreme and perhaps even read the description about how it is pretty much the exact opposite of the first installment. So given that Sony’s development team totally lost sight of what a good game was; was there any hope for the third installment? Well that all depends on how picky you are.

3 Xtreme is a borderline guilty pleasure for me much like DT Racer on the PS2 and Virtua Racing on the Saturn. It is a game where almost nothing seems appealing on the surface, but something unexplained just keeps me playing. Where as 2 Xtreme was way way too fast, 3 Xtreme sometimes suffers from being too slow. This is partially because there is quite a bit of slowdown present in this game. The graphics are now entirely 3D and the character models look sort of stupid and they aren’t nearly as responsive control wise. The music doesn’t really suck but it is a far cry from the music of the 1 Xtreme. Unlike the first two, the tracks are very curvy and hilly and have all kinds of over sized ramps to execute tricks that earn you points. Gone are the accelerate and stoop buttons as they are now one in the same. Like a car racing game you just simply hold down “X” to move forward which is kinda disappointing that they removed that dynamic.

So what’s to like about this game? Again this is something that I really can’t explain. It’s nowhere near as good as the first one, and IMO it is worlds better than the second but that ain’t sayin’ a whole lot. One thing I can say about the game is that it does put up a legitimately good challenge. Sometimes the hit boxes on the gates can be a little unfair as sometimes you can just barely touch a gate and it knocks you completely down and other times you can almost pass through the frame of the gate, but for the most part the game is hard for all the right reasons. Another thing is that even though you earn points instead of money, you still use the points to upgrade your rides which doesn’t make them pointless like in 2 Xtreme. There are no more annoying power ups either that was first seen in 2 Xtreme which is a definite plus because more often than not they would cost you the race if you used them. The trick system is easy and fun to operate. I’ll stop there. Hopefully the video can help fill in the blanks here because I really can’t put a definite finger on why I like this game.

3 Xtreme is normally very cheap to get a hold of around 1 to 3 bucks. Certainly don’t pay anymore than that for this game especially if you don’t yet have ESPN Extreme Games. I can’t really recommend this game much like all the games that I own that are guilty pleasures of mine, but hopefully this video has aided you in someway in your decision to look for it or avoid it.

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26 thoughts on “3 Xtreme (PS1)

  1. It has lost the beauty of the shouts of the previous chapter (2Xtreme). I laughed so hard at those whenever I played it XD

  2. I think I used to have game when I was younger but I’m not sure if it was 3Xtream or another downhill rollerblading game similar to this

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