#2 Airbnb UI | React Native | Horizontal ScrollView | Layout Series | Expo

#2 In this UI Tutorial We’ll Build on our UI and create the Horizontal ScrollView Component

New To React Native?
React Native Foundation + Firebase + Redux :

Project Files
Custom Snippets
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26 thoughts on “#2 Airbnb UI | React Native | Horizontal ScrollView | Layout Series | Expo

  1. Hey.., I'm working with cli and I made a screen which using ScrollView and FlastList and the FlatList are inside the ScrollView and this my app slow so what should I do..?

  2. Damn!! Feels like looking at a movie when the actors just type away and hack into things!! 🙌

  3. when I use the images in the horizontal view it keeps lagging, and the images show in black, sometimes the app crushed, any ideas guys ?!

  4. Is it possible to put a title on top of the searcher? I've tried a lot options but my logo is always hidden

  5. can you retrieve data dynamically from the server or any database instead of static entries…that would be great….nice work.

  6. Your videos are the BEST on YouTube…. after seeing many others. Yours are clear, concise and have learned a lot. Please keep making them. Many thanks

  7. I'm finishing up a class on android studio, and just to get horizontal scrolling you need a custom adapter to plug into a recyclerview. This makes things look extremely easy to do, and a good explanation. Thanks!

  8. please call me sir i have a good project for i want u do design for us please call 6290754001 / 9051689072

  9. I am beginner of React Native and your video show me what I want to check and learn… Will wait for your other videos and check previous as well… thanks for sharing.

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