「Stellaris」BEST Empire Start Strategy | The ESSENTIAL Economy Guide 1

Questions? Feel free to discuss any of the strategies in the comments section.

If you know any early-game tips/tricks (except the pop blocker), please leave a comment below, and I may include it in the next video WITH DUE CREDIT.

With about 1400 hours of game experience, this is what I have discovered works best when starting a brand new run on the highest difficulties. I can only afford make videos like this with your support.


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-Dark UI/Dark UI – Blue buttons is used to change the UI color to a silver theme.
-Backgrounds+ is used to have more and prettier loading screens.
-Pinwheel Galaxy gives a prettier background of the galaxy.
-Beautiful Universe is used for prettier backgrounds in-game.
-SpeedDial provides a shortcut (on the left side of the screen) to curators, traders, etc.

-AI/Galaxy Size: 12/Small
-Difficulty: Grand Admiral
-Scaling Difficulty: OFF
-AI Aggressiveness: High

Stellaris 2.3 Wolfe
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37 thoughts on “「Stellaris」BEST Empire Start Strategy | The ESSENTIAL Economy Guide 1

  1. Any pro tips on early game economy? I'm sure some of you stumbled on something exciting! Leave a reply if you have any good info.

    P.S. I know this vid was released late.

  2. You have a click to your voice, whenever you finish a sentence you click. Please get a mic with a very large baffle filter which might fotler out your clicking.

  3. Pops: You can't prioritize military industry over our well-being! What do you mean power outage? How am I supposed to get to work? Please, we're starving!!

    Me: haha alloy foundries go ba-dun.

  4. Dude nice videos but i can't watch them since i am having a really hard time understanding your talking/accent…
    Too bad Man!

  5. Does the crime trick still work? Whenever I remove my enforcer the crime percentage stays the same. Is this a bug? I’ve encountered this every single game.

  6. I played this game before the planet changes I would always have a great economy but now I will have 100 plus on credits then I look again and im negative 50

  7. I tend to buy as many scientists as possible…get them out there exploring and assisting planet research. Then you can use the right scientists for the right tech research, getting a much bigger research bonus.

    Research the easy to medium anomalies right away, save the harder ones for later.

    Save excavations for later too…gives all those scientists something to do when you cant expand any further.

    I play Devouring Hive Mind.

  8. Too much bass in the audio. Makes it sound like you're mumbling, even though you're clearly not. I can't understand maybe every third word or so. Give your dynamics more of an "AM talk radio" profile.

  9. No yelling, speaks calmy like a normal fucking human being
    No unnecessary bullshit or intro
    Gets straight to the point
    No ads

    I could go on but i think my points says enough, well done on making this video!

  10. For that initial build you showed
    No Adaptible or rapid growth traits? And why Authoritarian over xenophobe? You can enslave your slaves and get the juicy bonuses from the ethic

  11. Personally I prefer biological empires and set my civics for admin and influence early game it allows me to ignore the need to build research stations until mid game when I go to expand beyond my admin cap thus freeing up resources that can be better spent developing a solid economy early game.

    Once I hit mid game I start the research stations while I'm locking down my territory then once that's done then expand past admin cap.

    I also tend to go for resource and tech research first mainly working on station tech early game as well then start working on fleet tech around mid game and do weopens / shields / armor when required.

    May not be everyone's cup of tea but this play style works well for me solo PvP how ever I'm still working out a play style that works for me lol.

  12. This is just a video on how to game the meta to min/max your wealth. I guess this counts as an economy guide, but I was looking for more general strategies for best managing my economy, not specific steps from empire setup to trick the game.

  13. I am quite partial to a massive early expansion rush (highest difficulty, non scaling). I always figure that the space is only going to be unclaimed for a certain period of time, and the more you can grab, the more you can develop later. Negative side effects include high empire sprawl, so for the early game you are guaranteed to be behind the AI in tech.
    Some of the ways I have managed to pull off some truly mad expansion games:

    *Many, many science ships (I sometimes have as many as 8+, but usually settle around 4-5 for the first 10 years). Discover everything you can, so you know which ways you need to go early, and which ways are safe to leave for later.

    *First building is either unity building to get first ascension perk as soon as possible, and/or alloy building to allow for faster starbase building (without being bottlenecked by alloy production).

    *Largely ignore tech early on, you can catch up later once your empire is five times the size of everyone else's with ten times the pops. Additionally, once you to gain the upper hand you can just reverse engineer most military techs from defeated enemies.

    *Push into Expansion tradition as soon as possible for -10% to starbase influence cost, then when you complete the tree, take the ascension perk that gives another -20% starbase influence cost. This will give you quite a lot more territory by the time everyone is running out of space to expand – more than it seems on the surface. -50% cost is not 50% more territory, it is 100% more territory (since you can expand twice as fast) and if you get it even lower (-40% with fanatic xenophobe and another -10% from the ruler trait would give -80%, which works out at 5x the normal expansion rate) you can pretty much ignore influence. It goes without saying that every single point of influence should go into pure expansion until all the expandable space is taken.

    *Be very, very peaceful. You won't be able to win any early wars at all pretty much, so until mid game, just give lots of presents to your neighbors to get the +100 opinion bonus, and get whatever deals you can to start the trust meter ticking up. Once you have 50 – 100 trust you can probably get away with not giving them any more presents. Avoid defensive pacts as it will probably anger that empire's rivals, but take lots of non-aggression pacts. Xenophile instead of xenophobe can be very helpful here since you can nullify the cost of these agreements once you take the diplomacy tradition, meaning you can literally have non-aggression with everyone. A lot of being a successful early expander lies in managing to not tick anyone off.

    *Always look for really juicy choke points, and snake as much as you need to to lock them down. You can find entire galactic arms that are mostly blocked off by fallen empires or marauders. Once you lock down a large blob of space, unless there is something really important in it, do NOT expand into it. As long as you have access to it, you can expand into it later.

    *The end game of this strategy is to touch as many empires as you can and be on good terms with them, until you reach the point where you can pull a diplomatic maneuver and federate with two or three of them, (preferably the largest and/or most compatible bunch that are either smaller than you or likely to become smaller than you soon). You can do this by looking for compatible empires that are rivaling the same enemy and join them in rivaling it (or two or three is even better, at which point federation is near guaranteed), or you can sometimes do it by giving them a lot of gifts.

    *Secret pro tip: If you are blocked in expanding but you discover a largely open area on the complete opposite side of the galaxy, all is not lost! Save up 1000 influence (which can be not too hard to do if you have any bonuses to influence, but also if you uplift pre-sapients or complete certain events), and you can claim any system regardless of distance (the cost cannot exceed 1000). I have manage to build some interestingly shaped empires this way, with one half on each side of the galaxy. 1000 influence seems like a lot until you consider that it could gain you the equivalent of an entire empire's worth of space by the end of the game.

  14. Almost everyone out there is saying wide is ridiculously strong and there is no reason not to play a wide empire, this video tells you that this is wrong. It's also extremely counter-intuitive to the tier list that the poster has created, as the only civic in the highest tier SS that isn't a snowballing civic is the technocracy.

    A snowball civic is one which demands early aggression and collection of resources to constantly expand the military. People hate you, it's that simple, you are the enemy of the universe. That means you need ships, simple logic follows you occupy as much rocks as humanly possible and get more forge worlds and this then expands naval cap.

    You don't need to have a tech advantage if you've already taken more than half the galaxy in the first 100 Years and you have three times the fleet size of enemies even in Grand Admiral difficulties.

  15. Side note, you under-rate functional architecture. It stacks additively with a governor that has -cost to district upkeep, which reduces cost of Arcology worlds mineral input for products. (Yes I know it's mid/late game, but I've used it as a rush to spiral out of control)

  16. Try speaking like a human and not a robot presenter. Unless you're actually a robot. Then… I'm sorry. You're doing great.

  17. I can't get stripping the corvettes to work. It won't let me save the ship, even after unchecking auto-generate, unless I change the design name. Then if I do that, I lose allow instead of gaining it, which kind of defeats the point.

  18. Just bought the game 3 days ago and watching your videos had definitely helped but those fallen empires,, WOW LOL and u know I'm hitting that sub button btw thx for the discord invite, allot of helpful people and recommend everyone join

  19. Year 2303, machine empire, 40 planets; my game has devolved into one long neverending reaction to "Construction Complete" popups, what do I do :3

  20. I strongly disagree with the tier list. I just think that you normally play centralised civilizations, to the point where you probably call them simply "Empires". Conformist is EXTREMELY good for a Fanatic Egalitarian that has a lot of species in the different planets, but mostly as a genetic engineering trait at the start of mid game. Venerable is terrible due to the crazy cost, but Enduring is far from bad if you work on getting your leaders ranked instead of using them as disposable assets. Nomadic is awesome for civilizations that allow free migration. In general, my problem with the tier list is that is only good if you are playing Gestalt, Hive, or any sort of extreme authoritarian. Also, where is Post-Apocalyptic? It's freaking awesome if you plan to play wide, and creates the perfect candidate for mid-game Ecumenopolis: Your capital world. It forces you to specialise from the start, and it allows you two preferred climates for your original specie.

    TL;DR —-> I do really feel that the tier list is not functional, and is because it's aimed to a specific setup that is not listed in it.

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